Paint your pet-by-number Events by Tracy Giza Design


Help save pets in Roatan, Honduras!  We have 2 dates that you will learn to paint their pet's portrait in a "paint by numbers" style, helpful instruction & guidance & tons of fun!  Come to one event OR both!  Great for the whole family & such a wonderful cause!  

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Paint your Pet!

Do you have a favorite pet you’d like to memorialize in a portrait forever?  This is the painting event for you.  Sign up for this creative painting class and learn the steps to painting a beautiful masterpiece of your favorite pet.  Dog, cat, horse, you name it!  Email a picture of your pet, I’ll have your personalized painting lesson and canvas ready.  You will learn how to paint life into their eyes, strokes of soft fur and other significant features that will be sure to capture the personality of your beloved pet.


Tuesday, May 15      6pm to 8pm         Bonfire Woodfire Cooking - Eagan    

Friday, June 15         6pm to 8pm         TBD

$55.00 per person 

About the fundraiser by Janessa Baar..... Many of you know that we go to Roatan, Honduras every year. Many of you probably know or have seen photos on FB of me walking around the island feeding and caring for the stray dogs. I've created connections there and around the US that will help me create a place where they can be safe and secure while providing food, water, shelter, medical care, spray/neutering clinics, and help with fostering and adoption services. There's so much more to it and I can't wait to share it with you. By attending, inviting, and sharing this & our other events - you too are being their voices and helping me create a better world for these helpfulness, loving, and kind dogs!