Artsy Glasses & Mugs   

Thurs., October 11    6pm - 8pm        (Parents & Kids)

Bring in your wine glasses and mugs from home, second hand store or purchased set from a retail store.  I’ll help you design and decorate creative mugs you’ll be proud of!  All supplies provided! We will embellish and get creative with patterns, shapes & color! Great for gifts too!

Rock Painting     

Tuesday, October 23    3:15pm - 5:15pm

Rock painting is an enormously satisfying craft, because you use your own power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Once you start, you will become hooked, so be prepared to never look at a rock in the same way again.

Rocks & art supplies provided.    All ages                

In this workshop, you will learn:

□ How to design rock painting template.
□ lots of interesting painting techniques
□ How to use acrylic medium to create craft rocks
□ Materials and techniques in Acrylic painting such as grounds, pigments, Medium, palette organization, and color mixing.
□ Create sparkling, glittering even grow in the dark rock design! 

Location:  606 16th St. N.E., Kasson, MN 55944