First Friday Art Nights in Northfield!

Bring out your “artsy” self & join us on the 1st Friday of each month!  Tracy Giza Design is creating a uniquely fun & creative painting workshop to get your colorful juices flowing and follow in the footsteps of our “Masters of Painting” as we learn their techniques & styles.   No experience necessary! Your canvas will be PRE-SKETCHED with the image, ready for your personal touches along with my step by step simply instruction. All ages are welcome to sling some paint!

Here are the details!

Friday Nights     

6pm -8pm

$25.00 per person

Chamber office   19 Bridge Square, Northfield MN  55057

Friday, June 1

Inspiration Cubism by Picasso

When creating these Cubist pieces, Picasso would simplify objects into geometric components and planes that may or may not add up to the whole object as it would appear in the natural world. He would distort figures and forms and simultaneously depict different points of view on one plane. Picasso incorporated texture & patterning.   Cubism is renowned as a groundbreaking artistic movement in and of its own right, yet it also influenced generations of artists to follow, shaping the very history of art.

Van Gogh Cafe Terrace  $45.00.jpg

Friday, July 6

Inspiration Café Terrace At Night by Van Gogh

Stroll the cobblestone streets & paint a rendition of  Van Gogh’s first painting where he used a "evening"  background. Describing this painting in a letter to his sister he wrote, "Here you have a night painting without black, with nothing but beautiful blue and violet and green and in this surrounding the illuminated area colors itself sulfur pale yellow and citron green. It amuses me enormously to paint the night right on the spot..."    The brushstrokes vibrate with the sense of excitement and pleasure.

Friday, August 3

Inspiration Water Lilies by Monet

Monet was Interested in painting in the open air and capturing natural light at several various times of the day ends up dissolving all spatial cues.  Monet began to apply paint in smaller strokes, building it up in broad fields of color.  As he mingles water and sky, Monet creates a peaceful meditation within a flowering, watery surround.  We will create texture with palette knives!