Unifying mindsets for team building success...

Custom teambuilding activities are created & executed with your business’s purpose, brand & attendees in mind from start to completion.



Your “teams” are made up of individuals with unique skill sets and personalities that come together to accomplish one common goal.  How do we integrate the individual mindsets of a person into a team, moving together with fluidity towards a common goal? Group success doesn’t just magically happen, even among the best teams.  There are a variety of perspectives, skill sets, obstacles, influences & personalities making it a challenging road to success.

After years in the corporate arena working as an event planner for groups of 5 to 500, I have learned that every team is as unique as its individual members.  At the same time, EVERY team requires a few basic essential ingredients to thrive.  Well balanced, clear headed and positive-minded teams need training, education, information, guidance and just the right amount of creative freedom.   My team building activities are designed to give your team members the types of interactions that break down barriers, stimulate pure communication, increase creative problem solving, & engage members to work together in activities that seem purposely “playful” and inspirational!

Here are a few fantastic team building ideas....!

Everyone Paints!   

Individual painting fun on a 9X12 canvas following a step by step guided instruction.  

  • 10-20 people @ $30.00/person      
  • 20-50 people @ $25.00/person      
  • 50+ @$20.00/ person
  • 2 HOURS


Working Together!

Working in groups of 5, 1 member is Lead Painter.  Each team is provided a large canvas to develop one piece of a “puzzle” together & design.  All pieces together create one large image to be hung as a reminder of Team Unity within the business.  

  • $50.00 per canvas and supplies
  • 2 HOURS
  • Minimum number of attendees 25  (5 groups of 5)     



Everyone paints an 8X10 piece of the “puzzle”.  Altogether, the pieces will connect to portray a company logo, message or the individual entities that make up the group.      

  • 10-50 people @ $25.00/person  
  • 50+ @$20.00/ person / person
  • 2 HOURS         


Let’s Party!     

A beautiful display of art supplies is ready for quests to pick and choose at any time during your outing.   Canvases are ready to go with a “Paint by Number” design with instructions OR a step by step simple lesson plan for a particular painting.  Guests may also “free paint” using the materials and paint whatever comes to their own creative mind!!  9X12 Canvases & all supplies provided.   No time restraints, no structure, just a creative and fun icebreaker or activity!     

  • 10-20 persons @ 30.00/person  
  • 20-50 persons @ $25.00/person    
  • 50+ persons @ $20.00/person