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Tracy Giza Design offers creative painting experiences for any occasion or theme.  Paint parties, coffee dates, or a night out on the town, paint events are a fun source of creative adult play! From small intimate gatherings of friends to large team building events, painting events inspire lasting memories. 

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Foster individual and team growth during interactive team building.  Interactive, informative & innovative art will be customized for no matter the “team”, from leadership, executive & management teams, and coworkers. Build a stronger connection to teamwork, trust and communication.


Why TeamS?

There's a strong correlation between employee retention and the quality of team relationships. The fun and easygoing nature of paint and sip is great for team bonding. It also relieves stress! Paint and sip together, or just paint – the team building benefits are the same.



For companies, group painting has a hidden benefit: It encourages team members' brains to work in new ways, and jump-starts creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

My team building events are easily and frequently adapted for client appreciation, fundraising events and office holiday parties.


Easy to Coordinate

I want your event to be fun, organized and effortless. I provide you with all the supplies needed, including being there to guide your team through the event.

How it works…

Set up at your place of business or the venue 1-2 hours prior. I will welcome your team and do a team ice breaker. Need an hour for clean up and you will have a team experience and art like no other!


Customize Your Paint Experience!

You can chose from several options or have me customize something for your individual business.

Some options:

Reflection Group Mural Painting

Small groups work on one canvas or “piece” of the overall mural, requiring communication, cooperation and exchange of ideas & information throughout the session. The canvases, together, create one huge, all-inclusive work of art to display within your place of business. Working in the groups are given access to all the tool & supplies, as well as guidance, to create their masterpiece that will forever invoke fond memories of this engaging social event!


Individuals follow easy color charts corresponding to the numbered areas within the pre-sketched image on their canvas. All the tools, instructions & guidance is available throughout this relaxing creative painting experience for all ages.

Carte Blanche Free Painting

No matter the theme, company message or goals in mind, guests will paint their own individual masterpieces and have all the tools necessary along with sample ideas to choose from and incorporate. Mini lessons, guidance, techniques and lots of advice is given throughout this exploratory process. There are no stoppers on your group’s flowing creative juices!

Degree in Art

One beautiful piece of artwork is chosen dependent upon your objectives and all guests paint on their own canvas. Painters follow along as they are lead through a step-by-step tutorial & be amazed at the results! Everyone will learn a new painting skill as they encourage & help each other along the way. Lot’s of laughter & fun will color the room!

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