Join us for Canvas & Cocktails in New Prague's St. Patrick's Tavern & Restaurant for a fun evening out painting for beginners!  You will paint a beautiful work of art of your very own as I take you through my easy steps and show you every stroke.  You'll be amazed at what you can create!  This is a fun, social & creative night out for adults at St. Patricks!  Enjoy an appetizer or adult beverage while you paint!  

To register, contact New Prague Community Education online at or call 952-758-1734.

Take a look at what we are painting each month...!

Monday, June 19th  6pm to 8pm  Colorful Barn


I will have the barn pre-sketched onto your canvas before you arrive!  You will choose your flower types, colors and layout OR just follow along & paint the original exactly!  I'll help you are every step!

Monday, July 17th  6pm to 8pm   A Walk in the Park


This artwork was inspired from a visit to Minneapolis last year....You can personalize the sky, tree, etc with other colors & styling.  Add flowers, fall leaves, you name it...!

    Monday, August 21st  6-8pm         Pink, Blue or Purple  Hydrangeas

In August, we are painting beautiful hydrangeas with a  rustic wood backdrop.  Don't like pink...? No problem!  Choose your favorite colors...the strokes are all the same!

Monday, September 18th      6pm to 8pm  Starry Night

Who doesn't love Van Gogh!  From the bright stars, to the little village below, this is all about the swirling strokes!  So much fun!